Shipping & Returns


Shipping costs will not show on your orders.
Shipping costs will be charged on your invoice when Item are shipped.


Returns will only be excepted with prior arrangement with Medsource.
Returns will need to be in new condition, have all accessories, manuals and original packaging.

Please see our terms of trade for further details, or contact our friendly customer service team on 0800 63 33 63 or email


a) Any liability of the Company, arising directly or indirectly from any defect in any goods or services provided ,shall be limited to the replacement or repair of such

defect and shall not in any case exceed the invoice value of the particular good or particular service provided.

b) The Customer shall inspect the goods upon delivery and the services upon completion.

c) Any complaint must be made in writing and communicated to the Company within 48 hours of the goods having been provided or the services completed and the

Customer must allow the Company to inspect the goods within a reasonable time of receiving the notice.

d) If the Company agrees in writing that the goods are defective, then the Customer may reject the goods provided:


i. The goods are returned at the Customer’s cost within seven (7) days of the date of the Company’s written agreement that the goods are defective;

ii. The Company will not be liable for goods which have been stored or used improperly or tampered with or modified without the Company’s approval, or

where there has been continued use of any goods after any defect becomes apparent or should have become apparent to a prudent user or if in the

Company’s opinion any defects are of a cosmetic or non-substantial nature;

iii. The goods are returned in the condition and packaging in which they were delivered; and

iv. The Company elects not to repair or remedy the defect. If the Company elects to repair or remedy the defect it will do so with minimum delay, although

the Customer acknowledges that this is dependent upon sourcing replacement parts and technical support. The Customer cannot arrange a third party or

its own serviceman to fix the problem and then claim for warranty, without the Company’s prior written approval.

e) If the Customer fails to comply with any of the above provisions, the goods are deemed to have been supplied in accordance with the Terms and Conditions and The Company will to the extent permitted or required by law, pass on to the Customer any warranty provided by the relevant manufacturer, although it will not

be directly liable to the Customer under any warranty. The Customer is responsible for the cost of returning goods to the Company or manufacturer under any

warranty and the Customer may be responsible for additional costs including but not limited to freight. When the Customer requires the Company to do anything

related to a warranty claim, the Customer must, if required by the Company, pay the Company’s service and call-out charges. The Company may refuse to assist

with any warranties if any part of the price owed to the Company by the Customer is over-due. Any warranties for goods or services provided by the Company

must be in writing.

g) Unless otherwise agreed in writing, no warranty, manufacturer’s or otherwise, is given for used or second hand goods purchased by the Customer "as is where is”.

h) All non-defective goods are supplied on a "no return for credit” basis. However, at the absolute discretion of the Company, the Company may offer a credit if

goods are supplied in an incorrect quantity, if incorrect goods are supplied, or in other circumstances as approved by the Company. Any such claims for credit

must be made within 48 hours of the receipt of the goods, failing which any such claims are deemed to be waived. Any arrangements for the return of the goods

for credit shall be specified by the Company if the Company agrees to any goods being returned.

i) The Customer must follow any manufacturer’s services, storage, maintenance and use recommendations. Failure to do so may result in any warranty being

voided. Annual maintenance of all equipment is recommended. This can be carried out at the Company’s service centre or on site.